Exhibition Curated by Earl Miller

Out of Site 2014 features artwork by these important Canadian and international artists:

1.  Nathalie Quagliotto, Urban Crib

A shopping cart rigged with a mattress in which participants can ride.

2.  Samuel Rowlett, The Itinerant Painter

A mobile portrait painting studio providing free portraits for Nuit Blanche attendees.

3.  Zeesy Powers and Yuula Benivolski, Queen Sreet Cutouts

A series of carnival cut outs through which participants can role play various contemporary scenes of life on Queen Street West.

4.  Daniel Olson, Cheap Tricks

A video of a jaded clown slowly putting on a costume and apathetically performing tricks.

5.  Melina Sevilla (additional curation by Elizabeth Underhill), Piñatas

An installation referencing drug-related violence in Mexico that invites participants to strike piñatas shaped as abstracted human bodies.

6.  Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan, Untitled

An installation replicating an empty comedy club stage and audience section.

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