Contemporary Art Works on Queen Street West

Curated by Earl Miller, Out of Site features work by significant Toronto and regional Artists – Ulysses Castellanos, Shannon Griffiths, Laura Kikauka, Matt King, An Te Liu, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Roula Partheniou, Blue Republic and Camille Turner – that draws inspiration from the vibrant Queen Street West neighbourhood, considering its history and current context. Art work included in retail stores plays off that environment: artistically altered shoes, sweat pants, a book display, maps, a neon sign and a video game all highlight and enhance local boutiques for the course of a night. Street exhibitions offer personal guidance and launch a book that playfully recounts a personal history of Queen Street West. Finally, visitors can enjoy tea and cookies with Miss Canadiana (Camille Turner), who presents an informative, entertaining talk on local Black history.  

Camille Turner

Camille Turner. A golden horseshoe of possibilities. Digital print, 12″ x 18″. 2010
Miss Canadiana’s Heritage and Culture Show: The Hidden Black History of the Grange
Location: Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street
Performances from 9pm to 2am.
Produced by Outerregion with the generous assistance of the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

Miss Canadiana invites fans to join her for an informal evening of tea and storytelling revealing the hidden Black histories of the Grange area of Toronto.

An Te Liu

Ennui Blanc
Ennui Blanc
Location: Fashion Crimes, 322 1/2 Queen St. West.

An Te Liu will present Ennui Blanc, a neon sign that puns the title of a concurrent all-night art event.

Shannon Griffiths

Everyone on Queen Street
Everyone on Queen Street
Location: The Rivoli, 332 Queen St. West

A public launch of a book comprising the names of every person the artist/writer remembers seeing or meeting on Queen Street.

Roula Partheniou

Circular Logic. Photo Credit: K. Jennifer Bedford, Courtesy of MGK127
Circular Logic
Location: Te Koop, 421 Queen St. West

Three-dimensional trompe l’oeil paintings that reproduce canonical books in a range of genres.

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel

Location: lululemon atheletica, 342 Queen St. West

Sweatpants bearing names on the left and right legs of oppositional people, countries, and organizations.

Laura Kikauka

The Shoe Must Go On
The Shoe Must Go On
Location: Artzy Phartzy, 418 Queen St. West

Excessively glittery and definitely unwearable high heel shoes displayed as typical merchandise.

Matt King

Laundromat Kaleidoscope, Matt King and Nika Mistruzzi
Street Fighter II
Location: Proper Reserve, 498 Queen St. West

Performers play an altered Nintendo game with modified controllers that play instruments and run a video projection.

Ulysses Castellanos

The Bureau of Personal Guidance. Photo Credit: Milena Placentile.
The Bureau of Personal Guidance
Location: Tequila Bookworm, 512 Queen St. West

The Bureau of Personal Guidance offers the public free advice on any topic of their choice.

Blue Republic

Map, 8,000 Years and Check Your Vision
Location: Design Republic, 639 Queen St. West

A poster project addressing how cities are mapped and planned.


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